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3D Red/Cyan Video Playback Support

Due to popular demand we have added the traditional 3D format of Red/Cyan.

All our 3D videos will still be available in the new standard HSBS(Half Side by Side) format playable on most 3D devices

***For all Red/Cyan clips all you need is a cheap pair of red/cyan colored 3D Glasses like the red/cyan paper ones you used to get in the movie theater so you don't need special 3D TV or 3D Computer. You can also find plastic glasses on Amazon for around $2-$8, though many still prefer the effect of the paper gel glasses over the plastic ones. NO special software or 3D Device needed for Red/Cyan clips!

Click the Red/Cyan link under the video on our site and then look for the red/cyan glasses and label on video clips if you prefer to purchase this type of clip:

We are committed to offering all our content in the formats our customers prefer.  All our 3D videos are also currently available in High Definition 2D(non-3D). If you would like a 3D or 2D format not currently available, please contact us so we can make it available for you in your preferred format.